Sir Francis Drake


Born Circa 1540
Died 27th January 1596

Inscription Reads :
Sir Francis Drake
In 1581 Queen Elizabeth I commanded that Francis Drake’s ship the Golden Hind be drawn into a creek Near here at Deptford as a perpetual memorial for having ‘circuited round about the whole earth’.
On 4th April 1581, she banqueted on board the Golden Hind and ‘consecrated it with great ceremonie, pompe and magnificence eternally to be remembered’ and forthwith knighted Drake on his ship in recognition of the honour that he had brought to England by his discoveries and circumnavigation in the years 1577-1580.
His achievements included discovery of open sea from Atlantic to Pacific below South America ; opening of English trade in the far east; and claim to the western region of North America for England, naming it Nova Albion (New England) and thereby linking it with claims to the east coast and encouraging subsequent colonization of the eastern seaboard. Drake’s voyage fostered the principle expressed by the queen ‘That the vse of the sea as of the ayre is common to all, and that the publique necessitie permits not it should be possessed’.
Presented by The Drake Navigators Guild, California Quadricentenniel, 4th April 1981

16 Foreshore, London, SE8



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Sir Francis Drake


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