John Venn, SW4 - Holy Trinity Church

Clergyman and Reformer

Born 9th March 1759
Died 1st July 1830

The black marks on the plaque are shrapnel scars from a V2 rocket attack.

Inscription on the rectangular plaque reads:
Let us praise God. for the memory and example of all the faithfull departed who have worshipped in this church and especially for the below named servants of Christ some have called 'The Clapham Sect' who in the latter part of the XVIIIth and early part of the XIXth centuries laboured so abundantly for national righteousness and the conversion of the heathen, and rested not until the curse of slavery was swept away from all parts of the British Dominions.
Charles Grant
Zachary Macaulay
Granville Sharp
John Shore Lord Teignmouth
James Stephen
Henry Thornton
John Thornton
Henry Venn Curate of Clapham
John Venn Rector of Clapham
William Wilberforce
"O God we have heard with our ears and our fathers have declared unto us, the noble works that Thou didst in their days and in the old time before them".

Holy Trinity Church, Clapham Common, London, SW4



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