Eleizer Halfin

Wrestler and Victim of the Munich Olympic Games Massacre

Born 18th June 1948
Died 6th September 1972

Inscription reads:
This plaque commemorates the 40th anniversary of the murder by terrorists of 11 Israeli athletes at the 20th Olympiad in Munich in September 1972. They came to pay homage to the Games but paid with their lives. Never again.
David Berger - weight-lifter
Ze'ev Friedman - weight-lifter
Yosef Gutfreund - wrestling referee
Eliezer Halfin - wrestler
Yosef Romano - weight-lifter
Amizur Shapira - athletics coach
Kehat Shorr - marksman coach
Mark Slavin - wrestler
Andre Spitzer - fencing coach
Yaakov Springer - weight-lifting coach
Moshe Weinberger - wrestling coach

Unveiled by Eric Pickles MP (Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government);The Mayor of London Boris Johnson;Ben Helfgott (British Olympian 1956 and 1960 Games); and Mr Efraim Zinger (Chair, Israel Olympic Committee), in the presence of Members of both Houses of Parliament and many local, national and international dignitaries, at the the London Olympics, July 2012.

"He makes my feet like the feet of an antelope and I am able to stand on the heights" (Psalms 18:34)

Initiated by Cllr Linda Kelly and Martin Sugarman and donated by an anonymous benefactor and the Reuben Foundation.

205 Richmond Road, London, E8



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