Clement Attlee - E1


Born 3rd January 1883
Died 8th October 1967

Labour Party Prime Minister

Inscription reads:
Clement Attlee
Mayor of Stepney 1919
Member of Parliament for Limehouse 1922 - 1950
and Walthamstow West 1950 - 1955
Deputy Prime Minister 1942 - 1945
Prime Minister 1945 - 1951
In 1945 Attlee was at the election count in the Great Hall of the People’s Palace, now part of Queen Mary, when he
learned that the party had won sufficient seats in parliament to form the first post-war government.
Unveiled by Lord Wilson of Rievaulx in 1988, this statue was originally located in Limehouse. It was supported by
the GLC and Tower Hamlets Council and sponsored by Dan and Lily Frankel. The relocation and repair in 2010
was funded by Queen Mary and facilitated by the council from which it is now on long term loan.
The statue was created by artist Frank Forster and unveiled by Lord Mandelson in its new location on 4th April 2011.

Queen Mary College, Mile End Rd, London, E1



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