Thomas Coram
Born Circa 1688
Died 29th March 1751


Plaque  Location

By The Foundling Museum
Brunswick Square

Further Information

Plaque reads:
Thomas Coram was born at Lyne Regis, Dorset in 1668 He became a Captain in the Merchant Navy
trading between England and America. For several years he lived in America as a shipwright
gaining a great reputation as an expert on all matters concerning the Colonies. As a staunch
churchman he realised the importance of the spiritual needs of the settlers and left land in trust for
the building of a church in Taunton Massachusetts. He became a Younger Brother of Trinity House
and a trustee of the Colony of Georgia and settled in London in 1720. Here, in 1739, he established
the Foundling Hospital for which a Royal Charter was obtained. He died in 1751 and his  body now
rests in the Church of Saint Andrew, Holborn. The great pioneer work begun by Captain Coram is
under the name of the Thomas Coram Foundation for Children. This statue was erected by the
Governors in 1963.