Sir Christopher Hatton
Born Circa 1540
Died 20th November 1591

Lord Chancellor

Plaque Location

The Sir Christopher Hatton Public House
4 Leather Lane

Further Information

Plaque reads:
Sir Christopher Hatton was born in 1540 and
died in 1591.He was Lord Chancellor of England
and according to some, a secret lover of
Elizabeth I. She granted him the grounds of Ely
Palace on which Hatton House was built. A
generous gift which did much to fuel the
rumours. Hatton House was demolished in the
1600s to make way for a new small town called
Hatton Garden: this became the centre of
London’s jewellery trade. By 1850, all of the
houses in the area had become a workshop
or a diamond merchant’s {sic}. In 1987. 80%
of the world’s diamonds passed through Hatton
Garden where De Beers has its headquarters.