Inscription Reads:

Rak perthy cofa, Myghal Josep an Gof ha Thomas Flamank, hembrynkysy an
Gernowyon a geskerdhas bys dhe Loundres. Y a vu fethys omma ha
godhevel dyalans dhe Dyburn 27 ans Mys Metheven 1497, y a’s tevyth
hanow a bes  vynytha ha bry a dhur hep merwel. Drehevys gans Cowethas
Kernewek Loundres ha’n Orseth Kernow 21 ans Mys Metheven 1997
res gans Leghven Delabol.

In memory of Michael Joseph the smith and Thomas Flamank, leaders of
the Cornish who marched to London. They were defeated here and
suffered execution at Tyburn 27th June 1497. They shall have a name
perpetual and fame permanent and immortal. Erected by the London
Cornish Association and the Cornish Gorsedd 21st June 1997.
Donated by Delabole Slate.